Domain Searches (beta)

We are in the process of tagging the dictionary entries so that in the end, it will be possible to limit searches to a particular domain if a general search comes up with too many results. For example, if you search for wing, you get a lot of results to do with flying and sports but if you limit your search to sports, games, gambling, then you get only results relating to this domain, potentially helping you find the result you were looking for more quickly:

Full results:

Limited to Spòrs etc:

So far we’ve tagged only about 10% of entries so it will be of limited usefulness at this stage.

The one feature relating to the domains searches which is more or less complete relates to place-names (there will still be a few stray ones we weren’t able to tag automatically). As you may have notices, there are two new bullets relating to place-names and that place-names are excluded from search results by default. This is because there are now so many place names in the dictionary (and the number will only go up!) that for certain searches, they really clutter up the results. For instance, if you’re looking for entries involving the word baile, you get 20 pages of results because the dictionary is also giving you place-names. But exclude these and suddenly there are only 5 pages of results - definitely an improvement.

But of course the place names are still there - all you have to do is to select the other option and they’ll appear as before.

Happy searching!